With their Fingers in their Ears

Did ya ever have a discussion with someone who ignored your side completely? Where you were each explaining why you felt a certain way and the other person, for whatever reason, seemed to not even acknowledge what you said and never answered your concerns? Basically, they listened sorta like this:

Well, I’ve got a real world example of this that didn’t get much, if any, press.

And it needs to.


Recently, Kathleen Sebelius was invited to speak at the Georgetown’s School for Public Policy. Seeing as Georgetown is ostensibly a Catholic university, and when you take into account Sebelius’ role in implementing Obamacare as HHS Secretary, you may be able to understand why some folks were a bit miffed at her appearance.

However, the super-smart cognoscenti on the Left immediately castigated us: “you over-religious types are getting worked up into a lather for nothing, dontcha know”!

Consider this opinion from Chris Matthews, from MSNBC:

“….And now a word about Secretary Sebelius. It could be argued  that this one person has done more to reduce the number of unwanted  pregnancies than anyone in our country. She’s behind the policy of  requiring insurance companies to cover birth control. Making birth  control free, which is what she has done, will do more to reduce  unwanted pregnancies than anything I can imagine.


Rather than protesting what she’s doing, pro-lifers and pro-choicers might think about giving her a  little credit, or at least let her speak.”

Ummm, ..what? Hey, Chris, did you just say, “Making birth  control free, which is what she has done, will do more to reduce  unwanted pregnancies than anything I can imagine“? Really, Chris? So, all we need to do is to give stuff away “free” from the government (or under a government mandate) and all will be better? Really? Why am I having a hard time buying that? Has it worked for food stamps, Chris? Housing? Or anything else that we give away for “free”?

Moreover, access to contraception is not an issue in this country. That’s like saying we need to have government intervention to increase public access to chocolate. Far from the way it used to be years ago, many forms of contraception have no age restriction and they’re available in more stores than I can count. Condoms are handed out, for free, in public schools and you can get almost any form of contraception at every secular women’s health center in the country.

Chris, the reason the folks didn’t want Sec. Sebelius to speak at a Catholic college was that she, along with President Perfect, is forcing Catholics to go against the teachings of their faith, to basically endorse a sin. It is a religious freedom issue, not a contraception issue, you twit!

The guidelines issued by the HRSA mandating coverage for contraceptives includes the following: “All Food and Drug Administration approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures, and patient education and counseling for all women with reproductive capacity.” By definition, this will include abortifacient drugs. Most forms of contraception are not in line with Catholic teaching. That same teaching dictates such items (especially the abortifacient drugs) run counter to our faith, and it is not within the purview of the US Government to say otherwise. Catholics can agree or disagree with the Church’s teaching, but that is a religious matter, not a governmental one.

And yet, the liberal pundits and Obamacare apologists will continue to frame it as ONLY a contraception issue, while refusing to even entertain the real reason that has animated millions of people across the country: that it’s about Religious Freedom.  Truly, it’s as if they have signs & cue cards for whenever they’re confronted with an argument that runs counter to their liberal orthodoxy:

9 responses to “With their Fingers in their Ears

  1. “Did ya ever have a discussion with someone who ignored your side completely? Where you were each explaining why you felt a certain way and the other person, for whatever reason, seemed to not even acknowledge what you said and never answered your concerns?”

    Ha! Only every “discussion” I’ve had with a “progressive,” especially in the past three years, JTR.

    When reality does not jibe with your point of view, you have to do something. For “progressives,” that something is ignore the other person and STICK WITH THE TALKING POINTS. When that fails, call your opponent a racist, hater, homophobe, or whatever.

    When THAT fails…I don’t know, but we’re just about there, I think. We’ll have to see what tactics the “progressives” roll out this summer.

    • They only have a few options, Buckeye, and arguing logically ain’t one of ’em. They really don’t understand the conservative position, which is why they simply repeat their talking points ……much like a Disney Animatron.

      Which, come to think of it, would be a good job for them.

  2. St. Kathleen Sebelius, the queen of America, singlehandedly created FREE contraception and eliminated all unwanted pregnancies! Woo hoo!

    If only someone had thought of this sooner.


    Supposedly, the leftist intelligencia are the smart ones.

    • Very true, DG!

      The fact that the Left has such a high opinion of their own intelligence and ability is part and parcel of their problem. SInce they ARE so smart (or so they’ve always been told), they are generally not in need of God’s help (since they’re so gosh-darned brainy), and thus they seek to control as much as possible, owing to their tremendous smarts.

      It’s hubris disguised as intelligence, and these folks wielding power scares the poo out of me.

    • When Sebelius’ time comes she will burn in a lake of fire with her good friend “Dr.” George TIller, the Kansas abortionist who was martyred for the baby killing cause by a pro-life “zealot.”

      This was a man who built his practice on killing babies in ways other doctors would not. For a description of some of his procedures, click here (but be warned, it is nauseating and infuriating): http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/explainer/2009/06/what_made_george_tiller_so_special.html.

  3. Nice Job Dave! Good stuff….You are spot on, the lib media doesn’t say it is a total violation of our constitution, instead they sell it as a contraception issue. But you know what, I haven’t seen America this awake politically ever in my life. I am so glad people are slowly but surely starting to see right through Obama, and his cohorts in the media, like “chill down my leg” Matthews.

    • Amen, Rob. Folks are waking up, daily.

      Just look at the Wisconsin recall battle going on (‘Sour Grapes up in Wisconsin’) and you can see the momentum building!

    • Rob, for sure Americans are paying more attention and are more politically involved now than I’ve ever seen, and I’m 50+. Every TEA party rally I went to (there were four, I think) it was the same thing: you’d talk with someone and they’d say, “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

      It was the same with me. People attending those rallies were usually people who were too busy doing other things–e.g., being productive citizens–to go to such events. And DemocRATS called the TEA parties “astroturf” while staging their own bogus events. Liberal hypocrites—ya gotta love ’em. (Is “liberal hypocrite” redundant? Why yes, I think it is.)

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