Remembrance is a Sacred Act

As both of the “Heads” are off for the holiday, please enjoy this very touching article for Memorial Day.

From Lily Burana @ the NY Times:

I believe that the civilian-military gap isn’t always born of indifference, but rather, at times, a sense of helplessness on the civilian side. What can I do? If you do nothing else, you can remember those who have given their lives for their country. Our country. Remembrance, which may seem a modest contribution in the moment, is a sacred act with long-term payoff — a singularly human gift that keeps on giving, year after war-fatigued year. I don’t need to remind you that America’s sons and daughters are still dying in combat. I don’t want to browbeat you into feeling guilty for not doing more. Instead, I want to tell you that as the wife of a veteran, it is tremendously meaningful to know that on this Memorial Day, civilians will be bearing witness and remembering in their own way — that those who are gone are not forgotten. I also want to say that as you remember them, we remember you.

Read the whole thing.

2 responses to “Remembrance is a Sacred Act

  1. This appeared in the NY Times? I am speechless.

    • I was too, Buckeye.

      For full context, though, take a peek at the comments there. You’ll see some of the most ignorant rhetoric imaginable.

      I applaud the Times for having this article appear on its site. This is a welcome change, and I’m heartened by it.

      My feelings for the normal online Times READER remains unchanged, however.

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