Taxmageddon, made easy

***Full credit to Stix Blog Backup for finding the attached poster***

The graphic below pretty much says it all, but if you have NOT been following along, you can find out just what “Taxmageddon” is by clicking right here.

Go ahead; we’ll wait.


All set? Now, why don’t you help out your neighbor and just show them this:

Then, you could even make a call to your representatives in Congress. It’s crazy, I know, but they do have phones and emails. And as long as it’s more than just me calling them, they might actually be inspired to do something other than use this as a political football.

Just a suggestion….

12 responses to “Taxmageddon, made easy

  1. Hatfield McCoy


  2. Can you say “Depression”? Sure, I knew you could.

    These tax hikes simply cannot be allowed to happen. Republicans/conservatives should be pounding this message home hard. Every day.

    JTR continues to challenge THABTO readers to help get the word out about how destructive the poilcies coming out of the Cesspool on the Potomac can be. In private e-mails with him I have expressed reluctance to get into politics on my Facebook page, which would allow me to reach dozens of people with messages like this one.

    I’ve been especially sensitive to this living in Ann Arbor, which ranks maybe a small notch below Berkeley in terms of liberal wackiness but is right there with Boulder, Madison and other college/university-dominated towns. This is a town where the council will spend hours of meeting time on resolutions to free Tibet, rid the world of nucelar weapons, and support the latest LGBT special rights initiative out of San Francisco or wherever. (These are all real debates and resolutions the council has passed in the last few years.)

    So, basically, I’ve allowed myself to be censored by PC and the perceived threat of some kind of retaliation from my A2 FB friends.

    No more. I am posting a link to the Heritage Foundation article on my page. If someone starts a debate, fine. If someone is petty enough to “unfriend” me as a result, it’s their problem and maybe we were never “friends” anyway.

    P.S.: I would apply for a registered trademark for the phrase “Cesspool on the Potomac,” but it was actually the title of Lisa’s essay in The Simpsons episode “Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington” (season 3, ep 2, and one of the very few Lisa stories that isn’t completely annoying).

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