RoboCop is coming to a town near you

***Full credit goes to Phoebe’s Detention Room blog for alerting me to this. Please read her full post.***


Am I the only one who’s a might weirded out by this?

From Phoebe’s Detention Room:

The Federal Aviation Administration has allowed several police departments to use drones across the U.S. They are controlled from a remote location and use infrared sensors and high-resolution cameras.

Chief Deputy Randy McDaniel of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Texas told The Daily that his department is considering using rubber bullets and tear gas on its drone.

“Those are things that law enforcement utilizes day in and day out and in certain situations it might be advantageous to have this type of system on the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle),” McDaniel told The Daily.

I, for one, am not thrilled with this news. The army of cameras which snapped my photo and sent me a speeding ticket were bad enough. Now we’re going to have flying robots in the sky armed with rubber bullets and tear gas? OK, everyone that thinks that we have nothing to worry about here, please raise your hand.

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

You just know that some bright boy somewhere is going to get the idea of incorporating Artificial Intelligence™ into one of these babies eventually (hey, I watch sci-fi movies, so I know these things).

And as soon as THAT happens, I’m gonna hear the words, “You are illegally parked on private property. You have 20 seconds to move your vehicle“, and I won’t even get the chance to say “I told ya’ so”.

17 responses to “RoboCop is coming to a town near you

  1. godsbooklover

    Not to mention that fact of the cyber age, “Computer Error”…and ever-smarter hackers. This is a very scary film script ready to happen in real life. Somebody tell me it’s just a bad dream…

  2. The army of cameras which snapped my photo and sent me a speeding ticket were bad enough.

    Yeah, but you can beat the speed trap camera…I did last year, although it cost me more financially than just paying the ticket. But it was the principle of the thing.

  3. Hatfield McCoy

    It is disturbing.

    On the other hand, anybody want to start an “anti-drone” technology business?

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