Fool me once…..

“Once bitten, twice shy”

William Caxton,  ‘Aesope’ (1484)


If we think back to President Obama’s sweeping to power back in 2008, it seemed unlikely that anything save his own hubris could stop him from implementing as much of his agenda as he wished.

Enter Hubris, stage Left.

Three years later, as this election season begins to heat up and the primaries continue in a now perfunctory manner, something is readily apparent: many of Obama’s voters from 2008 are less-than-thrilled with him this time around.

Courtesy of Andrew Malcolm writing at

(…John Wolfe is a) perennial political candidate and, just as often, a loser. But he’s also a disgruntled Obama supporter who says, “I think the president campaigned one way and then governed another.” A thought that has occurred to several millions of Americans in these past 1,219 days since Obama grandly ordered the closing of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility that’s still running strong, among numerous unfulfilled vows.

While Obama’s team tries to make Bain the bane of Mitt Romney’s existence, Wolfe is quietly going around to various states and tapping into an apparently widespread unhappiness with the Real Good Talker. Perhaps not surprising since Obama’s job approval is back under 50% now, traditionally an ominous sign for incumbents.

Wolfe entered several state Democratic primaries against the realistically unchallenged White House incumbent. In Louisiana, Wolfe won three parishes.

But he did way better than that Tuesday in Arkansas. With no money and a campaign based entirely on individual phone calls and word-of-mouth, Wolfe captured 40% of the Democratic primary votes against a sitting president. Not bad for a nobody.

In Kentucky’s Tuesday primary, 41.2% of Democrats registered their unhappiness by showing up and voting for Uncommitted, the only alternative to Obama.

You may remember two weeks ago Keith Judd of West Virginia earned a few minutes of fame by capturing 41% of the West Virginia Democratic primary vote, even though he’s a convicted felon serving 17 years in a penitentiary in Texas. The media wanted to move on from that story quickly.

We’ll see how they react this time.

For all of the talk just a short time ago regarding the inevitability of Obama’s re-election, the returns in the Democratic primaries are one of the many current unreported stories. There are still over five months to go until November 6th, but you don’t hear such talk right now, or at least it has been severely muted. This is due to his plethora of damaging policies on energy, economic and social concerns, with the contraception kerfuffle being just the most recent example. Certainly the Obama campaign has tried its level best to take the focus off of the economy and onto, well, pretty much anything else.

This isn’t a prediction, just an observation. But you have to wonder just what our Dear Leader will do next to recapture his base’s flagging enthusiasm.

At this point, I fear, he may be desperate enough to try almost anything….

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