Our Religious Freedom

First of all, please see the post from earlier today: ‘Religion is free, …or NOTHING is free’.

Now, please watch this message from the Archdiocese of Washington:


15 responses to “Our Religious Freedom

  1. Excellent. Isn’t it encouraging to hear articulate, wise representatives of our faith? I get so weary of the fringe idiots that make it to the news.

    I read your blog daily. Keep it up!

    • I agree completely! I feel personally insulted by this action, even more so than all of the other ridiculous affronts by this administration. If I wasn’t already bald, I’d be pulling my hair out (…there’s always my beard, I suppose…).

      And thanks for reading. Hope you’re enjoying it – Sis is the old hand at this: I’m just a newbie….

  2. Hatfield McCoy

    You mean you take the beliefs of your particular faith and apply them in your daily life AWAY from the church building?


  3. I find everything stated in the video above worthy of support by all who love liberty without any deference to a specific religion. This is proof that the Constitution itself was not enough to protect individual rights and liberty, and the actions of this President and Congress makes it clear that the first 10 Amendments were absolutely needed as a safeguard against would be dictators.

    Mind you I am saying this as a Catholic who converted to atheism. I may be one of those who many of the faith would say has lost his way. I prefer to think of living a full life as a person of reason and principle to be as moral, if not more so, than living under the amorphous precepts of a religious dogma.

    However, I also believe that your practice of your faith in all of its forms: Catholic charities, Catholic schools, Catholic hospitals, etc is and should remain protected under the 1st Amendment, as well as others. I firmly believe, as a matter of principle, that your right deserves to be defended and that all persons who believe in the basic tenants of liberty should stand up and fight alongside Catholics to protect that right.

    So, while, I can’t pray for a victory out of my own set of principles and values, I will donate resources to fund this fight in court and would ask all other freedom lovers to do the same.

    I wish the Catholic organization a great victory and thank you all for your contributions to society in the many endeavors you provide to serve humanity as part of your faith. So, with that compromise built upon a mutually shared principle, I wish all of you my very best.

    Richard T. MacDonald

    • You know that you’re ALWAYS welcome here, Rick!

      Like you, I’m offended by this not as a practicing Catholic, but as an American. This administration could be going after Jews and I’d be just as offended. My Catholicism isn’t what is at stake, as much as my freedom. If I’m not free to practice my religion, what next? And how can they say that a Catholic Hospital or Catholic Charity is NOT part of what a Catholic does in the practice of their religion?
      It’s sophistry, and it’s insulting.

      Anyone that refuses to see this is a blatant attempt to marginalize constitutional freedom is either: (A) allergic to logic, (B) too brainwashed to care, or (C) a true believer in this Brave New World which Obama wishes to foist upon us.

      • LOL…I think all of the above is the more likely diagnosis. It is a sad tragedy that the one virtue that should unite us is failing because an ever increasing number of people prefer being taken care of than working to take care of themselves to a degree where they are then able to help take care of others voluntarily. Sometimes, I look back at my 20 years of sacrificing family events and time away from home and it saddens me to see who my familiy and I did all of that for.

        • There are idiots throughout history; they just are more vocal currently than they’ve been in the recent past, thanks to some enablers in the press and elsewhere.

          I’ve stated before: you have our eternal gratitude for your service & sacrifice. All thinking Americans would agree with that, as well.

          As for the rest of ’em: I understand Greece is very pleasant this time of year…..

          • I wish I could afford to purchase one way tickets for all of them…but, alas, were they to go, where would the challenge to live be found? Take care, my friend. I look forward to your next post.

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