CLASSIC: “The Driving Instructor”

Mom and Dad had our records stored in the old GE Stereophonic Console in the living room, and as a kid I went through them all. Henry Mancini, Sing Along with Mitch Miller!, at least 50 various & sundry Christmas albums, ….and Bob Newhart. This classic Newhart bit may have been the first comedy routine that I ever heard, and it’s still one of my favorites.

It’s Saturday, and I could use a good laugh. Hope you can, too.

5 responses to “CLASSIC: “The Driving Instructor”

  1. I too have some albums from my folks and the collection is in a similar vein . Sing along with Mitch , Herb Alpert , Perry Como and my favorite … The Button-down Mind Strikes Again . Funny isn’t it ?

    • I have both of “Button-Down” albums, along with Perry Como, Jim Nabors, Robert Goulet, Bing Crosby, etc…

      It was a simpler time, JG, and makes me smile. That’s why I posted it.

      I’m ecstatic you liked it, too. Thought I may be the only one left out there……

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