Kathleen Sebelius illustrates importance of “Knowing Stuff”

I’m embarrassed; I completely missed this exchange last week. In my defense, it wasn’t on a single network station, or in any major paper that I could find.

I just can’t understand why, though. It showed Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius being given another chance to prove to those stupid Republicans just exactly how wonderful Obamacare is, and why it’s so obviously constitutional.

Wow, ….that was painful.

OK, let’s assume that it never occurred to Secretary Sebelius that she should prepare for her show-n-tell with Congress. Didn’t someone mention to her that she should be better prepared? Have some notes written down? The legal precedents, maybe? The arguments for and against? Something? It’s not like she hasn’t been outspoken previously on the topic: she even penned a recent opinion piece on Politico.com. There she stated, unequivocally,

“When the U.S. Supreme Court takes up the Affordable Care Act later this month, it will not be the first to consider its constitutionality.

Congress carefully weighed its authority in writing the law. And a majority of lower-court judges who have ruled on it, including some of the leading conservatives on the bench, have agreed that it’s constitutional.


We have every reason to believe the Supreme Court will take the same view.”

Makes me think she maaaaaaay not have written that article totally by herself….


By the way:

Seeing as Sebelius is the current HHS Secretary, as well as the former Governor of Kansas, would it be too much to ask for her to have some inkling that, even though the ACLU likes to throw it around constantly, the phrase “separation of church and state” is not in the U.S. Constitution?  You know, that thing that she swore to uphold? That Constitution?


This is not the first time Sebelius has been eviscerated by Congress, on this very topic, no less. She had an exchange a couple of months back where the lies of Obamacare were once again laid bare, and all she could do was ….confess.


Do me a favor, please.

Think back 2-3 years ago. Folks such as Tom Coburn, Michele Bachmann and Paul Ryan were each on TV seemingly every night, arguing against Obamacare.

They were all repeatedly told by the talking heads that they were nuttier-than-a-squirrel’s-pantry for even suggesting there were any shenanigans with the numbers for Obamacare. Obmacare was wonderful and was here to save us all.

Even though the cost estimate has almost doubled since then.

Remember all that?

Keep THAT in mind ’til election day.

5 responses to “Kathleen Sebelius illustrates importance of “Knowing Stuff”

  1. This was priceless. She is a great representative of the morons running the government and how we got at least part way to the edge of the cliff. However, it is helpful to also remember that before Obama, Paul Ryan and Tom Coburn didn’t see too many spending bills under Bush that they would not support. As to Bachmann, be may have had some clarity on this issue, but I still think she is howling at the moon mad when it comes to using religion as a tool of governance.

    • justturnright

      Thanks, Rick!

      Coburn & Ryan are on record as admitting they spent too much. However, comparing Bush’s spending, incl Med pt D, to Obama’s is apples to apple-trees. They are comparable in classification, but not in degree/size/scope.

      I have to believe they see the error of their spendthrift ways. It’s literally our only hope right now.

      • Agreed…as much as I like what they are saying and feel that Bachmann is a potential loose cannon, they are pretty much all we have to ride out the race with. So, I’m on board and hoping the roller coaster doesn’t toss my carcass into the sky before the ride is over.

  2. Nice work! For your edification, if you wish it, the “separation of church and state” as it stands today is not only not in the Constitution, but also actually opposes the thought of the Founders. The concept has its American roots in Thomas Jefferson and an earlier introduction into the Virginia House of Burgesses and is probably rooted in John Locke. ALL the founders referenced GOD all the time.

    This may seem like just a trivia point, but it is crucial in understanding how we are perceived. Other cultures, like, say, Islamic fundamentalists, see our desire/ability to separate our government (daily earthly affairs) as inconsistent with true faith of any kind. Therefore, as our faith is inconsistent, our culture is inferior and their belief that Islam, the “only true faith” as evidenced by their inclusion of GOD into and above every aspect of their lives, MUST be spread worldwide and good Muslims have a moral obligation to prepare the way by cleansing the world, forcefully if necessary, is justified.

    I don’t think this way, of course, but we are actively failing to acknowledge a crucial interpretational difference which is currently biting our ass.

    Want to know why we lost Vietnam?

    A retired Air Force Col. I know went back to Vietnam years after the war. He casually sat down with his former counterpart and they discussed how the world had moved on. The Vietnamese General said we lost the war for one simple reason. We were prepared to fight a limited war for a limited time. The North Vietnamese entered a fight they fully anticipated their grandchildren to win.

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