Truly Remarkable

I never watch the Sunday talk shows unless they have something to do with hockey or football, so I missed this until last night. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, he of the unpaid taxes, was on and made the following statement:

This president’s policies were extremely successful. If you measure what we did relative to the record of the United States in past crises and the record of other countries, history will judge what he did as remarkably effective crisis management at a deeply dark time for the world economy.

There’s colorful rhetoric, there’s political ‘spin’, …and then there’s that.

Did he actually say “remarkably effective”? Wow. We are three years into this presidency and our true unemployment is in the teens, for Pete’s sake. From the Congressional Budget Office:

The official unemployment rate excludes those individuals who would like to work but have not searched for a job in the past four weeks as well as those who are working part-time but would prefer full-time work; if those people were counted among the unemployed, the unemployment rate in January 2012 would have been about 15 percent.

Well, maybe so, but with all of the stimulus spending (despite our runaway debt), at least the people who ARE working are doing better, …..right?

Ummm, not so much. US poverty levels have now reached all-time highs.  In the year after the stimulus passed, 2.6 million Americans fell into poverty.  Overall, 6.3 million more Americans are living in poverty today than when Obama took office.

Add in the inexplicable veto of the Keystone Pipeline, a busload of failed ‘investments’ in green energy, and the fact that our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) only grew 1.7% last year, or basically half of what it was in 2010….and you have something that is indeed remarkable.

Just not remarkably successful.

13 responses to “Truly Remarkable

  1. The man pulls us back from brink after the debacle of the Bush administration and this is the thanks he gets?

    • Short answer? Yep….

      • You dont understand how bad things were before he was elected. Most of it was hidden and unknown since Bush cooked the books. We are paying now for 8 years of recklessness!

        • LivinRightinPGH

          There are a number of notable failures in the Bush 43 presidency:
          1. Believing he could make the Dems happy by spending like he was one of them.
          2. Not getting ANY traction when he asked for hearings on Fannie and Freddie which was vehemently blocked by the likes of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.
          3. Not overturning the “Affordable Housing” debacle that had banks (under THREAT of legal action for NOT making the loans) put people who clearly couldn’t afford or credit qualify for the loans into homes.

          Still, I think it’s intellectually dishonest to suggest that the current state of the US economy is “Bush’s fault”. It’s time for this president to stand up, and FOR ONCE, take responsibility for the miserable failures he and his party have inflicted on this economy.

          It’s one thing to be partisan….it’s another thing all together to be blind to the truth..

  2. LivinRightinPGH

    JTR: A quality post, as always. The need for brevity must have limited you to the major debacles of the Commandeerer in Chief’s economy, as I’m sure you could have made the list exhaustive, ad nauseum. Still, do Geithner’s comments indicate that he and the administration are going to take credit for “this” economy? I hope so, as I’d hate to see the debate limited to Romney’s dog rides, or Obama’s dog stew……It would be a clear case of “Walk your dog” vs “Wok your dog”…..

    In the words of that great patriot, James Carville: “It’s the ECONOMY, stupid!!!”

  3. Hatfield McCoy

    Gee, what does this say about people that let dogs ride in the bed of their trucks?

    • LivinRightinPGH

      You mean those gun-toting, Bible-thumping, love their country types? I think we ALREADY know what it says about them!

  4. Great post. It’s nice to be back live again. 🙂

    • justturnright

      Thanks! And it’s great to see you again, Rick!

      I was worried that the locals had sabotaged your site when I got redirected to a GoDaddy(?) link the other day, rather than your blog.

      Good to see ya’ back up, sir.

      • I switched to GoDaddy servers to add protection to the site. I was getting up around 900 followers and wanted to set up something so that when they got here, they could be certain that the site was mine by being able to see the SSL certificate assigned to me. Had I known what I was in for, I’m not sure I’d have made the switch.

    • livinrightinpgh

      Rick, your Gravitar is “Exploit the Earth or Die”? I LOVE it!

      Looking forward to your comments….

  5. You can get the avatar at the Objective Standard; the magazine of the Ayn Rand Center. I put it to good use on “Earth Day” …eye roll…

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